Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges The Next Iteration Of An Exchange?

Almost everyone is familiar with pictures or movie scenes from tradition stock exchanges that trade things like equities, commodities, options, etc. But the reality is that most of these scenes are anachronisms, the crowds are almost all gone, floor brokers standing…

Retirement 2.0

As the onslaught of dire warnings about the disappearing ability to retire continues to inundate the popular press and our inbox , it begs the questions: “Are the warnings justified?”; “Is this true?”; and if so, “Why?” Have people simply become less responsible, or is there perhaps more…

Can We Put a Price on Higher Education?

It will come as no surprise to most readers that student debt is one of the most prominent forces in many people’s lives. At $1.48 trillion, US student loan debt exceeds the GDP of 84% of the countries on earth. This is…

Guest Opinion: Know Your Customer? Are You Sure?

July 21, 2017 The Financial Revolutionist

Dr. Jimmie Lenz

I love movies about great mathematicians, real or fictional. The Imitation Game and Good Will Hunting are great ones, but A Beautiful Mind is my favorite. This movie profiles John Nash, who became…

Jimmie Lenz

Perennial student, engaged teacher, and passionate practitioner of innovation as a solution.

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